Indoor camping

So, while we were in FL, the in-laws water pipes had busted & we were without water. For a week.

Fortunately, they have a pool so we took some chlorine baths. Their wonderful neighbor also let us run a hose from his house. We used it to boil water for dishes and baths for H. (see below). He loved it! We also brought in buckets of water from the pool to flush the toilets when they could no longer mellow, know what I mean? It really was not that bad. It really made me appreciate being able to take a shower.

Of course we also went to the beach. On Saturday, we went to Venice Beach to see the weekly  drum circle. Henry really enjoyed it this past summer, but was ambivalent about it this go round. The other day we went to the beach it was about 50 degrees & windy, so we did some shell collecting & general running around & some sand tasting. Great fun!

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