are skulls still cool? and do i really care?

I promise I have been actively knitting. The Jaywalkers are going very slow, but I am almost finished with the gift (Felted Skull Tote) I am knitting for a friend. She is coming to dinner this week & I hope to have it done then. I still need to knit the i-cord handles and then felt. I have never felted before, so I really hope it goes well. My friends mom is a knitter & called said friend and told her that felting is the big thing right now where she lives in Missouri. She asked her to ask me if I have ever felted before. I think that's quite the coincidence that her mom asked her that & she should be receiving the first thing I felt in a few days! I love the colors in this bag. Green is both mine & friends favorite color. It is a beautiful bright green. I used Cascade 220 (7814 & 4002  colorways).

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