I LOVE SNOW!!! (no, really, I do)

Last night was one the happiest, most exhilarating moments I have had in while. I was giddy, giggly and almost squealing (yes, like a little girl)! It also perplexed me as to why we still live in the south.

The only downside, besides it not snowing enough or lasting long (it was gone by this morning) was that my camera battery died while H & his cousin were really reveling in it. Snowball fights, snow tasting, sledding (makeshift, & luckily neither of them weigh much), and just sheer silliness (even Mason was gettin frisky) not captured by a camera. I was almost in a panic (no 35mm film in the house either). Then I couldn't find the charger. Oh No! It was found right before bedtime (which of course was about an hour late) so we did get to capture a few pics. This is the most snow I have seen in GA since I have lived here (1995). I truly hope this wasn't the last snow of the season. (by the way, most schools were closed this morning--it gives me such a laugh!)

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