how to tell if you've had a good day

We've been getting a taste of spring these past few days. Chilly mornings and beautiful afternoons with a bit of wind. We are taking full advantage of it and playing outside as much as possible. Nothing beats dirty knees on a wee boy. You know he has had a good day when he is covered in dirt and gets to take a bath about 5 hours earlier than is normal. Definitely a double treat for him. I think the fresh air is causing some sort of growth spurt. So bittersweet. I am missing my little baby a little, but so eager to see this boy emerge. He is fiercely independent and knows what he wants (and is quite determined to see that he gets it). He sees no limitations and is pretty much fearless, which frightens me to no end, yet at the same time I do not want to hinder this trait at all.

I think Matt & I are sensing this passing of infancy into boyhood and are trying to capture time in our own ways. My way is by doing this-taking a crazy amount of photos and then blogging them here & on Henry's page (oh, & flickr). This I think is Matt's way:

I hope this trait/talent is hereditary. He truly is remarkable.

(edit: I know these feelings of missing my little baby are only going to get worse the more he grows) Oh, the pains of parenthood.


  1. Um, is that your boy covered in mud or is that really being made from clay?!

  2. As much as the boy would love being covered in mud, it really is clay. :)

  3. oh, and diane, please excuse me as I pull my foot from my mouth. I shall never talk of coldness, any amounts of snow, and especially really, really appreciating spring to you again. My Goodness! i had no idea until after i sent you that message just how much snow you had. i had not made it that far in your blog and now that i know, please do accept my blubbering apology. please note though, i think you are so fortunate to live in such beautiful country!

  4. Ha! Well, I accept your apology... What I thought when I read your email was DARN it's that obvious that I need an attitude adjustment!!!

    You know, I am stunned speechless that you can knit and drink anything at all let alone WHISKEY! Amazing. That you could even set the glass that near your sock... whoah.

  5. diane, you are in no need of an attitude adjustment, i need a sense of geography is all! and the whiskey had just begun by the time i gave on that sock that night. :)


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