Good to be back


I hadn't planned on taking this much time off from posting & I have really missed it. We are still in recovery around here from the holidays and the week of travel we did to Florida to see the in-laws over New Year's. We had a great time the whole way through but continue to adjust back to normalcy (?) after just two days of being home. As a matter of fact, H. had his first semi-full blown fit at the bookstore today, which included flinging himself to the floor & doing some abdominal contorting. Boy, do I love that kid! I think we both need a nap today, but only one of us will get one.

Not much knitting or other such craftiness was accomplished over the past few weeks. I just finished a few small gifts and attempted to start my first pair of socks (again). I hope by the end of the week I will have more to share in that regard. For now though, I thought I would ease back into my everyday life by sharing some pictures from the past couple of weeks (probably over the next few days).

Oh, it's so good to be back.

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