Knitting lull

I figure since my original intentions were to blog about knitting and then some other things I should post about knitting
every so often. I do have a one year old so there is one excuse. I just have not been getting much knitting done since the
end of the year. I have been trying to cast on for the Calorimetry, but had trouble even finishing my gauge for it. Then I went back and read comments about the pattern on Ravelry & have decided to frog & cast on again using fewer stitches as most people have done. So since I don't have much to share as far as progress goes, I will share my yarn for that project.
Oh, and if you are a knitter & are not using Ravelry I highly recommend getting on the waiting list. It is worth the wait. Seriously.
No, I mean it. As I say to H., "Patience, young grasshopper, patience". Now go sign up :)

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