This past week has been a bit hectic. Really just playing catch up on things I had been neglecting (mainly housekeeping, bills, laundry, personal hygiene, those kinds of things). Saturday evening was really relaxing and very enjoyable. Matt and I just sat around together having a few beers, listening to some great jazz on NPR. I worked on my Jaywalkers, Matt worked on some sculptures and we just talked. It was cozy. He is usually in the garage in the evenings if he is working on sculptures, so it was nice to sit and work on our things together. I hope we have more evenings like this, especially if NPR plays that great jazz every Saturday (it was the perfect soundtrack to my knitting).

Henry broke out in hives on Friday afternoon. Cause has not been determined. Freaked me out though ( I had never seen hives before). Gave him some Benadryl, which the doctor said may make H drowsy. Yeah, no such luck. The boy was loopy (in a fun, entertaining way) but then slept horribly that night. All symptoms are gone now though. Thank goodness.

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  1. Poor thing. I've gotten hives twice as an adult. I can't imagine a little one having to suffer through them.


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