This weekend was filled with just good old plain laziness and some not so good knitting. Sometimes I feel like we do so much running around during the week that I aim for days we do not step foot in the car. That was pretty well accomplished this weekend. I think H. appreciates it as much as I do. We all enjoy those all day jammie days around here and we were quite successful in accomplishing that too. H. got a lot of cooking(real & pretend), driving cars, reading with Mason and a viewing or two of Popeye into his weekend as well as some great naps.
Matt was not quite so lazy because he had to finish two sculptures and get the molds made so they could be cast this week, but he did get some good snuggle time in and got to play with H. quite a bit on Saturday when the weather was nice.

I on the other hand was generally lazy. Some laundry got done, I tried to organize some photos on flickr (which i am just terrible about doing) and some knitting got done. Knitting was a struggle this weekend. I was aiming for my goal of getting to the heel on my jaywalker and somewhere along the way I noticed the stitch count was screwy. I frogged it back a bit, started again, and the count kept being off. I finally got so frustrated I had to put it down. I picked up another small project (neck wrap thing) and worked on that instead. The next night I picked up the jaywalker and tried again. I was two stitches short on one of the needles. Frogged back again. This was repeated about 5 times. Still couldn't figure what was wrong, so I cheated.
I just made two stitches and never looked back. It seems to be working and I don't notice any change in size, so all is good - for now. Maybe I'll get to that heel tonight.

     After the struggle:
                     but before the whiskey:

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