Wordsmith, he may be (i am not)

For a few months I have been keeping my eye out for a used typewriter for Henry to use. He likes our computer ( a little too much for my taste ) and after delicately scrubbing colored Sharpie off the monitor decided he needed something of his own. Now.
I was having no luck finding a decent typewriter though. I found a couple at the antique mart that I go to, but they were out of my price range and honestly a little too flimsy to actually be used by a child even though they were toy typewriters. Countless searches of thrift shops turned up nothing too. So, I resigned myself to be patient and one would turn up eventually. Until then, the office door could be closed unless I was in there supervising.

Well, for a month now, I have been asking Matt to go in the attic ( I. Don't. Do. Attics. ) to get the summer clothes from last year down, because fortunately Henry still fits most of his shorts from last year. Finally, this week Matt ventured up into the unknown and guess what was up there (besides bugs and other creepy crawly things) ? A typewriter. Yes, a typewriter. I guess that's what happens when you move as often as we have and then settle somewhere like we have. We lost track of some of our inventory. What's crazy is that I do not like to keep anything I am not using (Matt, on the other hand is a different story). So this is something that luckily stuck around through all of my crazy household purging that occurs a couple times a year.

Henry loves his typewriter. The first time he used it was right before nap and the second he woke up he sat upright and said "more". I laughed, having an idea and asked, "more, what?" and he bolted for the typewriter.
It is sitting on his desk next to mine. It makes way better noises than the computer and there's that constant hum of energy coming from it. He gets a little eager so sometimes the keys get stuck, but he has already learned how to pull them back gently. He knows to push the 'big' button after he hears the 'beep' too.
This morning he was typing and I pointed out the letter 'h' for henry and the letter 'p' for p-p-p-p-penguin. Then he would find the 'p' button and say "p-p-p-p-" as he pushed it. How cool is that!? He may not retain the information, but that moment made me feel that I might actually be a competent teacher. Who knew?

Also, there's been no interest in the computer since Sunday :)


  1. He, he this is great. Gotta get a typewriter.

  2. Ahhh, a future blogger... Maybe this will keep him out of your knitting needles for a while, too...


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