Last night I went to my LYS knit night with the intention of casting on for my sock-a-long with Mackville Road. By the time I got there sirens were sounding for tornado warnings and I could barely see past the hood of my car because of the sideways rain. When I had left my house there were only thunderstorm warnings. Minutes after dashing into the shop the power goes out. In the entire two and a half hours I remained there we had power for about 10 minutes. Long enough for Jenna to see well enough to help me fix my error on the Peanut's blanket. Other than that, I knit a few rows on the blanket and I did cast on for the sock (but only cast on). The funny thing is, that was one of the best knit nights I've been to. We had a great time hanging out in the dark, by flashlight, laughing and talking. For a short while we played 'The minister's cat" and the Rowan rep was there to show us some new yarns and patterns. It may have been unproductive, but it was the relaxing evening I needed.

I did go with a guilty conscious though. Earlier in the day Henry had gotten sick (as in projectile). Poor boy. It was our first time. We also had Amaya here for the night, yet my wonderful husband urged me to go. I knew they would be fine I just felt bad going when my boy was sick for the first time. I hung around for some time to see how he was acting and he seemed to be much better, playing and running around with his cousin. So I went.

On my way home I called Matt to see if everyone was asleep. The report was that the kiddos had just gone down. Henry did get sick again, but gave Matt warning by rubbing his belly and scrunching his face up. Afterwards, Henry said "spit". That's one way to put it, I suppose. So, once I was home and Henry was in our bed it happened again. Needless to say we made a makeshift bed on the floor of our room with puke buckets on either side and settled in for what would be a long night for all of us, especially Henry. He's a trooper though and hanging in there. As am I.


  1. The poor little one . . . first puking is always the worst (so are ones in cars when you have clear bags to use). That yarn sure does look pretty though. Got to ask, what is "The Minister's Cat" . . . no clue here.

  2. oh, poor little guy! my sympathies and hope for a speedy recovery. my oldest just endured two rounds of the rotavirus exactly a month apart, both resulting in several day stays in the hospital. i feel your pain. and the ick factor. oh, the amount of laundry just two days of sick can produce. i hope it passes quickly and it spares the rest of you.

  3. the boy has actually faired well with the puking and was getting a kick out of fake puking into the puke bucket. sorry, once I started I had to see how many times I could say puke.
    mrs. brown, sorry about the recent hospital stays, that rotavirus is a nasty bugger. i hope you are all well too.

  4. Oh my, projectile vomiting and tornado sirens?! Wow. I hope the boy is better now. I love that he was fake puking into the bucket -- always good to have a sense of humor...

    I cast on last night. But only cast on. Do you think we'll have a pair of socks by winter?!


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