into the land of boydom

Henry is definitely becoming more boy than baby lately. He is cleaning up on his own (somedays). He loves helping in the kitchen, and in fact it can be a battle if he isn't allowed to. He no longer walks anywhere, it is more of a dance/run combo (his version of happy feet). He has started saying "no", where as before it was "kno" as in "I don't know". He cannot get enough of drawing and coloring, unfortunately he likes to color on paper the least. He has finally worked up the nerve to pick up the bugs he searches for (albeit reluctantly at times). Of course, now we have to work on holding the creatures gently (they tend to become inside out, if you know what I mean) and putting them back where we found them before that happens. Dirt is not an issue, with either of us fortunately. I know that if he gets dirty, he will get clean again. My philosophy on this is that if by the end of the day he is a sticky, grubby, colorful mess, then he had a good day and odds are I did too. I feel like he is preparing for his new role as big brother and that this is going to be a bittersweet summer as I watch my baby grow into a boy, making way for another babe.

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  1. Isn't it great watching the transformation? It seems like Gus went from baby to a kid that talks about "Bad guys" vs. "Good guys".



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