The Wife of an Artist

Today has been pretty hectic, so this will be short and slightly incoherent. Matt is submitting a sculpture (Man Cub) to the RiverSculpture Festival in Asheville. It's still a work in progress (life-size) and will be cast in bronze when it is finished. Since we are last minute kind of people (deadline is Saturday), I have been scurrying to get all the materials needed to submit this to send overnight. Its a great venue for his work to be seen. The show is outside on the grounds of the French Broad River Park. My grandparents live in Asheville and sent us the newspaper clipping about the Festival seeking artist submissions (Thank you!). It would be so cool to have one of his pieces shown there for my Grands to show off! Anyway, that's what I'm up to today, besides laundry, grocery getting, dishes and the norm. Keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll keep you posted.

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