Hide n Go Seek

I am beginning to make a little progress on my new sock. I have just passed the ribbing. The pattern calls for a 2 inch rib, but I decided to go with an inch and a half instead. I've had a few rough starts on this sock seeing as how I have a needle thief on the loose in my house.
It all started with finding a size one needle in my bathroom drawer when it should have been on a sock. I was hoping it was the needle not in use, but I was wrong. So I cast on again. Later, I walk into the living room to find a size one needle being aimed at me like a wand. Again, fingers crossed it was the needle not holding yarn. Wrong. So, I cast on again. So Henry has this aversion to any needle except a size one, because there were choices in my knitting bag.

I have now decided to carry the bag with me at all times and try not to let it out of my sight unless it is in a room behind closed doors because this kid is sneaky and quick.

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  1. Ha! The kid has taste, what can I tell you. Maybe he wants a pair of socks or something. Love that photo, btw. It is begging for some words or to be turned into a card or something - love it!


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