Feeling blue, feeling green, needing red

The other day I ran into a store looking for some inexpensive shoes for Henry. Didn't find any, but grabbed a couple of expanding tank tops for me. I finally brought them upstairs and threw them into my room in a mad dash to clean up the downstairs. Then last night as I go into my room to get ready for bed I see my shirts lying next to my bed.

I literally cocked my head to the side and said out loud to myself "hmm, that's odd". So not only am I coordinating my clothing with my bed sheets, I am talking to myself about it.
It just made me notice, too, that I tend to have the same colors in my closet in varying shades ( I love blue and I love green, oh and yellow ). I'm trying to pull away from that a little bit and add a little variety, so I bought some red shoes today. I don't own any red clothing except one shirt, but a little red can go with almost anything, right?


  1. I have a pair of red flats that I love, love, love.

  2. I am a fool for red shoes. I like yours a lot! And look! Your ankles aren't swelling yet!!


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