Sock Progress

Diane at Mackville Road and I are doing a knit a long using the Basic Sock Recipe from Yarn Harlot. The recipe calls for a 2 inch ribbing, but I did an inch and a half. I am loving how the Koigu is knitting up in this pattern. It just feels good. I"m also surprised at how fast this is knitting up (in comparison with the Jaywalker). Don't be fooled, I'm not knitting quickly, I just seem to be further along at this point than I was on the "other" sock. It must be all the stockinette. Whatever it is, I'll take it. I actually feel motivated to get to the toe of this sock. Maybe that's my trick. No knitting that takes much thought or concentration-at least for a good portion of the pattern.

*sorry about the dark pictures, cloudy day here today and I hate using a flash.
**Diane, thank you for asking me to do this :)**

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  1. oh to knit. I can crochet and sew nearly anything my heart desires, but knitting just escapes me. Once two needles are thrown into the mix, versus one hook, my mind just starts to spin, my shoulders tense, and profanity runs through my mind!


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