Buttonholes, wha?

I have been attempting to sew. Emphasis on attempting, a seamstress I am not. In the past year or so since I decided I should be sewing I have made a pillow, coasters and a bird. Easy peasy stuff. Now I am trying to make a pair of pants. Specifically the Wide-leg Lounge Pant from Amy Butler's In Stitches. The pattern has been so simple (thank goodness) and easy to follow.
But, alas, I am now at the part that requires me to sew buttonholes and I have no clue how to proceed. I have a buttonhole lever thing on my machine and a buttonhole setting and no stinkin clue on how to use them. The machine was given to me by Matt's grandma so I will be calling her this afternoon and hoping for some help via the phone, so who knows.
The good thing is that up until now, my sewing has been going well. Actually, this has been my best sewing yet. Fairly straight seams, no thread jamming, and I think they may actually fit if I figure out the buttonhole issue!
Since I don't have the top done I will give a peek at the bottom of the pants. I used a vintage sheet and tried to manage it so that I won't have to hem the bottom, but they may be too long and still need hemming. I love this fabric!


  1. Yipee! They look GREAT so far... nice fabric. Buttons are easy peasy, too, once you do one or two. You watch.

  2. those are going to be so soft and comfortable (love old sheets!). good luck with the button hole - i haven't mastered them either, but i did get a little lesson from my MIL this past weekend. i should give it a try.

  3. I skipped the holes & just put in a loop of elastic. Much easier & then I don't have the dreaded "I Lost My Drawstring" moment.



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