stamps & sculpture

i have had so much i've wanted to say here lately, but i am finding it difficult to find the time to sit and focus on this place right now (hence the short random posts). for now i am keeping those unsaid things in the forefront of my mind to share at another time (if they remain relevant).

today, was a busy but relaxed day.
my mom came over for a short visit and let me run to the post office alone. that is a chore i avoid at all costs. especially with two little ones. it is not worth all the bundling, buckling, and bribing to drive 5 miles (on a road under heavy construction) to stand in line for who knows how long (2 seconds to 30 minutes) to hand over a box. no. i will hold onto said box for as long as it takes for me to get to go it alone, thank you. (so thanks mom!)
but while i was there i picked up this:

i will be going back for more. i don't know why i bought just one. i love fun stamps. it makes sending and receiving mail more fun. and more personal. maybe i should take up stamp collecting. hmmmmm. . .

also, while the little ones napped i spent my afternoon taking some shots of some newer sculpture by matt. this task is much more difficult than i prefer it to be. if i could find a class that specializes in photographing sculpture, specifically bronze, i would sooooo take it. in the meantime, i will just take around 300+ pictures and hope for the best. here are a few of my favorite shots. to see more you can check them out here.


  1. Love both the stamps and the sculptures! And I, too, hate the post office lines. There was a period in my life that I thought the PO was out to get me and I left on several occasions in tears. Just stupidity on the whole situation!

  2. i won't even go into the post office if there's more than 3 people in line. i cannot handle it.


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