in an effort to beautify and lift my spirits, i am focusing on what i accomplished today and not dwelling on what is still on the to do list.

this is what my day consisted of:

this morning i got up (reluctantly) and got myself and the little ones dressed and we went to my part time job. and we were only 5 minutes late. while there, i read books, told kids to walk, not run, and to play nice.

came home and made lunch for henry and myself and nursed bea while i ate.

somehow i managed to get henry and bea to nap simultaneously! woo hoo! (extra points for me)

while they were napping ---

i futzed around on the internet (flickr, dansko website (the soles of mine are falling apart from the inside out?), checked email, some light blog reading).

did some serious kitchen cleaning. i made a pot of coffee this morning and didn't put the pot on all the way. so right before i had to leave for work there was coffee + grounds all over the counter spilling onto the floor (cleaned that before leaving in the a.m.).
also yesterdays dishes were still in the sink because we relaxed most of the morning and then were gone in the evening.

picked up the living room.

did 2 loads of laundry + diapers. washed AND put away!

after nap activities:

ate dinner with the family. tacos, mmmm.

boogied in the living room with everyone to the tunes of they might be giants

baked a loaf of bread

made a new batch of dough

changed the bed sheets

posted this

will now go knit, knit, knit, and get my dose of this before hitting the hay.

***this does not include the diapers i changed, the noses i wiped, the nursings i gave, and the many tickles, hugs, and kisses dished out throughout the day, or the photos attempted to capture the day***

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  1. Holy cow. That is my list for, like, a week to ten days. superwoman, you.
    I love lists of the little things. They always make me smile. I hope, in general, that your funk-edness is abating. sounds like you know how to take good care...


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