a little late . . .

Finished Objects 2008, originally uploaded by gonzomama.

but here are my 2008 finished objects!

i'm missing at least two pictures but those patterns are represented up there, so i can live with that.

i have to say i am proud of myself. none of them are big knits, but the quantity i have produced is the most i have ever done in a year. not bad for having a toddler and spending most of the year pregnant!

i said in one of my first posts on this blog (just over a year ago), that one of my main reasons for this blog was to document my growth as a knitter. now, i know i am a slow knitter, but i think i have grown quite a bit in just this past year. i've knit socks and started a sweater! i'm also happy with myself for knitting only 2 scarves. it was time to move beyond those. and i have learned some new techniques - a new cast on, a new bind off, and i am getting much better at fixing and finding my mistakes.

looking forward to what this year brings!


  1. WoW! I'm impressed. I like all your colors too.

  2. I am impressed with your knits also. I was taught how to knit in second grade by a very patient teacher. She taught whomever chose to give up recess... I did it then and never have again. But it was strange, I have had the yearning lately and had a dream the other night that I was knitting away like crazy! I have needles I bought my daughter to try, and I think I may try again soon after that dream!!!


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