maker of lists

i am a maker of lists. i make lists for everything. i leave them all over the house. many times i forget about them. but it is something that i have to do. i like writing things out. it helps me sort things in my head. writing my lists helps me to prioritize (and procrastinate).
i make lists of words to look up when i am reading a book. i write grocery lists (and often leave them at home). i will write of list of things i want to accomplish in a day, week, month. sometimes i can feel defeated because i write the same tasks over and over it seems like. *ahem - laundry, dishes, making bread*
lately my lists have included the list of bills that need to be paid. over the weekend i realized i hadn't balanced our checkbook in two months. (ahhh, blissful ignorance i miss you).
instead of new years resolutions, i made an ever-growing lists of goals for the year. among them:
knitting a top down sweater, learning how to use my camera (instead of guessing and crossing my fingers), cooking dinner more, wearing sunscreen and flossing everyday, sew more, and getting our piano tuned (though none of us know how to play).
another list making chore i have going is for my re-organizing project. this project includes 3 closets, an office, and two bedrooms (and this doesn't include organizing all of our pictures, printed or otherwise or the garage for when said projects are done). the plan is for bea to move into what is now henry's room and move henry into what is now the office. right now this doesn't seem feasible, but with a lot of work, a lot of donating, and some hard goodbyes it might get done. making a list (or four) is what is getting me through the beginning stages of this major overhaul. i have a list of what to do, what needs to be moved where, and a list of things wanted/needed to make that happen (new desk chair, storage, storage, and more storage). in reality we have nowhere else in this house to have an office/workroom. so we are going to be getting very creative. and very, very organized.

or maybe all of this list writing is the first sign of me losing my mind?

**if any of you have some helpful organizational tips or creative storage solutions i would be thrilled to hear them!**


  1. i think a list of goals instead of resolutions is very wise. i really should make lists, but the tend to overwhelm me.

    as for creative storage solutions and helpful organizational tips: buy nothing. get rid of everything. don't look back.

    at least that's what i'm trying to do these days.

  2. i love me a good list these days. i also love molly's suggestions for organizing!
    my practice is to do one thing, each day. i find the doing for me is much easier than the listing and planning. once i actually do it i am amazed at how much effing mental energy i gave it.
    and then there are those grocery lists i leave at home. maybe i should start writing them on my arm in sharpie.

  3. my organizational tip is on par with molly's buy-nothing, get rid of everything, don't look back method. unfortunately, i end up having to replace things a lot because of my enthuiastic purging binges i find myself in, throwing too much "good stuff" in the donate pile.

    we got some excellently cheap closet organizers and were able to create a functional space for all of the "sometimes" toys and toys and games that require a bit of parental oversight. it was really useful.

    and also, label label label sturdy boxes with lids. clear is even better.

    good luck!

  4. great advice! thank you!


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