holidays: round 2

ah, where to start.

first i hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and were all safe and healthy and most importantly surrounded by those you love.

we had a nice little break that started on christmas eve and ended just this weekend.
christmas day began with us waking up to the sound of gifts being torn open by henry. yes, he bypassed our bedroom door and headed straight for the loot. my response was a loud, "nooooooo!". so we missed him opening his first gift, but we had so much fun watching him the rest of the morning. this was his first year really being able to open the gifts himself with a few breaks to gnaw on one of the candy canes he'd been eyeing the entire month of december. and sweet little bea slept through the entire affair.

later that morning we headed to my mom's house for more gift giving and receiving and of course, christmas dinner. we were all terribly spoiled by my mom and my sister. (thank you, both). i now have what i hope to be enough instructional books on sewing to get me going and keep me motivated. so many things to make and so little experience. matt scored with some great art books and for all of us we received the planet earth dvd set. i am really looking forward to watching those. we've been enjoying blue planet (to be honest, the word 'enjoying' is an understatement. there are things in this series that completely blow my mind>), but somehow we missed the planet earth series.

so that was our holiday at home in a nutshell. serious over-indulgence. lots of fun, lots of food and lots of photos.
and let me tell you, the photos i took this christmas were craptastic! as this and the next few posts will prove. i'll be back tomorrow to give a few details about our trip to florida. it's great to be back but, right now, laundry is beckoning to me and i must heed its call.


  1. Welcome back. That shot of the boy with his binoculars - too much!
    I love the neck scarves. A pattern?

  2. thanks, amy.
    yes, the pattern for the scarf was from ravelry and its called the philly cowl. i'll link to it later in the week.

  3. Looks like a great holiday!

  4. welcome home and happy new year. you will love planet earth! i need to grab that dvd set for sure.
    and i am in love with that cowl you made for your mom. i must find some awesome buttons and try one.

  5. thanks ladies!
    kristin, get on ravelry! (if you haven't already)
    the pattern is the philly cowl. you will love malabrigo y arn too.


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