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sarasota winter 08

we took a boat trip up to sarasota for the afternoon. it was warm and sunny, but that wind put a chill in you. henry makes a great first mate. that is until he grabs the gear shifter and down shifts completely in one fell swoop. poor kid. the way grandpa and i grabbed at him we scared the you know what out of him. (honestly, it scared the hell out of me when he did it). thank goodness he didn't throw into reverse is all i can say. and as always, sweet bea slept through most of the ride.

we docked the boat at some swanky dive and snuck over to a more laid back kind of place. had a decent lunch and listened to the most monotonous live singer i have ever heard. not even remotely entertaining. he was just paid background noise. so, i digress. after the eats we all went for a walk in the park where the boy pretended to be indy jones climbing around the trees. he also wanted to play frisbee. there were a lot of bee games going on. and he really wanted in on one.

then we headed back to the boat and started for home. henry and i spent much of our time down in the cabin messing around and being silly and singing pirate songs.

and of course taking pictures.

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