The holiday decorating has begun in our home. I have been trying to enlist Henry's help as much as possible, but he does get easily sidetracked. As we were rolling our pine cones through paint, he grabbed up a small piece of shoe molding that Matt was cutting & it has now been deemed the yule log (painted & all). We have not gone to get our tree yet, that task will hopefully be accomplished on Wednesday. It never really feels like the Christmas season until the lights are up on the tree, especially when the temperature is hitting the mid 60's. Ugh.

On the knitting side, the Weasley sweater is coming along wonderfully. I am almost giddy with anticipation about completing this project. I have learned so much on this little sweater. I've learned new decreases and how to stitch a seam together (correctly). I do have to say that I think the shoulder seams look pretty darn good! I ripped out the first one after I did the second one because it looked so much more improved than the first attempt. I am very pleased so far.

This is the main reason I began this blog. For some reason, blogs eluded me for the past, I don't know, 10-11 years. Yes, I am a little embarrassed to admit that. As soon as I discovered them I was amazed at the community of people out there. It is such a great way to share our talents & ideas with each other & our families. I wanted to be in this community & in time hopefully give back to it. (I have a lot of learning to do still).* Most of all, I wanted to document my growth as a knitter, parent & human. I can look back on this post later & laugh that after 3 years of knitting I finally made a sweater (even if it is a wee one), and seamed it correctly! I will see how quickly time is going by with Henry and how rapidly he
is becoming aware that he is his own person and that he is accomplishing so many things. Hooray for personal growth!

*if anyone is reading this, please, be patient. I am a bit timid about the idea that other people are reading my dull ramblings. I am just warming up (i.e., learning as I go) & am crossing my fingers that my writing improves the more comfortable I get. Stay tuned ;)

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