And the knit was on...

The tree is up, the lights are on & it was really windy & chilly last night. It almost feels like Winter. We put the tree up last night while Henry was asleep. We wanted it to be a surprise for him. We also wanted to avoid him seeing us putting everything on it hoping that would deter him from removing it all. Well he was surprised & loves it. He waved at the tree. Not everyone (or thing) gets a wave. He has removed a few ornaments, but we put soft, non-breakable ones in his reach. Having the tree up is making it very difficult not to give him his big gift. I know he will love it & I am anxious to see him play. I know it will be worth the wait.

While I'm waiting for the big day I am knitting like mad. I am on the last sleeve on the Weasley sweater. I hope to have it done late tonight. Have I said I love this project? I also have a few surprises up my sleeve for Matt & a few others. The other gifts may not be finished in time for Christmas-maybe New Years. It's okay, because they are not necessarily holiday gifts, they are more of a 'thank you' and a 'sorry my child destroyed something you made' kind of gift. I am excited to get started on those, but I still have a Harry Potter scarf that has been promised for my 4 year old niece. Luckily she's short.

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