Small progress on the holiday crafts. I tested out a recipe for homemade snowmen as that will be the only kind being made around here.

The recipe wasn't bad, I used a different detergent & the odor was a little strong for my taste. Henry did not like the
electric mixer (shows you how often he's seen me use it). I had to alternate mixing it with the mixer & then letting H. come mix it with a spoon. He wasn't really into getting the mixture on his hands either. He did enjoy putting the cloves, buttons, and twigs on though. He really did a great job. I thought this would be a fun craft to do together, but H. is more of a painter I think.

I have been testing my hand at sewing a little bit lately. My hand is broken. I'm not sure I am patient enough to sew.
Go figure. I have the patience to knit, but I get to see progress almost instantly. With sewing the prep work is what gets to me & the fact that I really have no clue what I am doing. I am constantly getting up to go to the computer for reference/help. I am determined though. I am trying to recycle some of my old clothing and some thrift finds. I have this sweater that I love but have not worn in a few years due to shrinkage. The sweater, not me. It turned out well. Besides a travel pillowcase, this is the first thing I have sewn in probably 13 years. Learning & growing.

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