in and out.

24 // 52
sorry for the absence. life is pulling me away from the computer. nice weather. simplifying the home a bit. trying to start our first 'real' garden. matt out of town for a few days. and the best, lots of playing with the boy and snuggling with a babe.
i mean to be back here in the next few days. i've started what was to be my next post, but really just have other things that need my attention right now.
hope to see you soon.


  1. you are beautiful! see ya when you get back to us. i plan on being busy if spring ever comes!

  2. hello, beautiful! :^)

  3. Oh yes, we are in similar places! Lately I've been thinking I would happily trade my teens and preteen for little ones again. And really this is the first time I've felt that way. Are you interested in a swap?? :D
    And thanks to you and Diane (mackville road) I'm going to make my own detergent. It's weird how excited by this I am.....


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