good things come from good people

good things

a few weeks ago kristin at mainemomma had a little contest and lo and behold, i won!
the prize was my pick of one of kristin's beautiful photos. not an easy task to pick just one. her work is so lively and bright i practically favorite all of her pictures on flickr and i had to take a few days to make my pick.
then, to my surprise (again) kristin said i could pick two. that doesn't make the task any easier, by the way.
so today the envelope arrived. i don't remember if i contained my squeal of delight, but i do know i was showing a lot
of teeth. my neighbors probably thought i received a bailout check of some sort the way i was grinning.

i got a little extra cheeriness in my day when i opened up the envelope and found 2 bonus photos plus 2 cranes, one for bea and one for henry. those already have a home on the bookshelf in the dining room. in sight, but out of reach. now i just have to find the right home for those beautiful pictures. my mission for the weekend.

thank you again, kristin! i can't wait to give your work a place of honor in our home.


  1. Jess - I love the idea of creating a life list. When I teach the transcendentalists, we discuss living a deliberate life (a la Thoreau and Emerson), and I have my students spend a couple weeks creating their life list. It is much more difficult than you think! We refer to John Goddard's list seen here: http://outside.away.com/outside/destinations/199812/199812_the_list_1.adp. I love Outside magazine. Anyways, congrats on winning the contest!

  2. yay ! enjoy it all. i am so happy you like them.


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