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part of my new years goals was to contribute to our meals more often. matt is primarily the chef around here & rightly so. he is more efficient at it than i am and he can create great concoctions with whatever we have on hand, whereas i need a recipe (with a photo, please). and he enjoys the process more than i do, although i am starting to enjoy my non-cleaning time in the kitchen. my biggest problem is that i totally trash the kitchen as i am cooking no matter how simple the dish. really.
i feel that it isn't fair for matt to work as much and as hard as he does to then come home and have to immediately cook dinner. ideally i would cook during the week and he can cook his yummy dishes on the weekends, but i know it won't work out that way. i am a slow chef. and with two little ones distracting me, well, i don't fare to well. my best bet is making things that i can prep while they nap and then later finish on the stove top or toss into the oven. realistically, i am doing my best to make a few meals a week and continue making all of our bread. this week i have made two meals so far, with both having enough for leftovers.

also trying out a new recipe from artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. having a go at the spinach and feta loaf. i have high expectations, it sounds and looks delicious as it is rising as i type. if i haven't mentioned it before, i love this book. i had never made bread before this book came into my life and i am now totally hooked. i don't think we have bought bread since late october/early november. i have a bread machine, but have no clue how to use it. though i want to try that too.

and in keeping with the food theme, go check out molly's post today. she's beginning what is sure to be an interesting food journey and i am glad she is sharing some of the information she's discovering. this should be an education!


  1. How did it come out? It sounds delicious...

  2. haven't baked it yet. i will let you know. (but, how could it be bad? well, if i don't burn it.)

  3. Anonymous3/05/2009

    fitting picture for green week across blogland:0)

    I never used to be able to cook.I wasn't taught as a child.I was in fact taught when I was twenty one.I love to cook.
    one tip,find a couple of meals that you can knock out with little ones running around.Email me if you would like a few,I have some real lifesavers and they taste yum:0)
    Also make a big batch of sauce and freeze in four portions.That,over penne and some broccoli on the side is one day of the week covered for the month:0)
    I must check that book out again as the last time i got it from the library coincided with me falling preggers,again,and being too sick to look at it.Now I am in the 2nd tri and want to eat everything in sight,I think I will get further.You have stirred my curiosity with the spinach bread.

  4. hmmmm. perhaps your matt and my paul should get together and trade tips...they both share similar experiences i think :)

    *I am often deterred by cookbooks -- too fancy or too expensive -- or is that just me making excuses..

  5. helen,
    yes, i think paul and matt would get on pretty well. i think we all would : )

    as for cookbooks, my grandparents have a big collection we borrow from and we buy most of our from clearance tables. if it has pictures.


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