new neighbors

our new neighbors are keeping us busy. and feeling very nosy.
we can't take our eyes or our lens off of them. i think we'll have to
give them a short break from our prying eyes though. we want them
to stay as long as possible.
henry and papa
viewing our new neighbors
new neighbor
our new neighbors
in the meantime, we're doing a little research on the great horned owl. and then we'll spy some more.

*isn't that baby owl the cutest? so white and fluffy*

**and should this be a deterrent to us getting chicks in the future?**


  1. how cool. At first I thought that maybe you had neighbors cutting down trees...but it didnt really make sense and then it all came together. HOW COOL is that!!! The picture of the baby I was most excited about. awesome...awesome!!!

  2. angus would totally flip his lid over owls as neighbors! he is an owl expert and so in love with them. how exciting!

  3. ah, so fantastic!!! :^D)

  4. that baby owl is adorable! the other night we had a very loud owl visiting our neighborhood. i went out on the front porch to hear him better, then heard a loud hoot from right across the street. turns out my neighbor came out on his porch to call to the owl. they went back and forth for several minutes. it made me smile.

  5. that couldn't be any more wonderful! I was loving that I kept hearing the owl through the open window as I sewed tonight, but a nest with babies is so much better! luckylucky you guys1


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