hell yes

i finally fit into my old pre-preggers jeans. now i need to start exercising so i can look good in them.

22 // 52

oh, and the spinach & feta loaf? good. really good. if you have the book, i recommend adding more cheese than the recipe calls for. just my personal feeling.


  1. Anonymous3/06/2009

    I like this shot:0)
    congrats on getting into the jeans.I am currently growing out of all of mine at 18 weeks preggers!!

  2. good day indeed!

    i'm intrigued by the spinach and feta loaf. i have both. maybe i'll try to make the no-knead bread and add the two.

  3. you should post a how-to-lose-the-baby-weight-quick blog entry. because i think you did it in record time, jess.


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