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after posting my new preference for home made laundry detergent, some wonderful people alerted me to some concerns regarding fels naptha laundry soap. in my own research of it i found some questionable information which left me concerned and confused. i'm not sure if the ingredient in question is still used in the production of the soap or not from what i have found. in some reports it is listed, in others it is not.
so better to be safe than sorry. diane of mackville road went with dr. bronner's, which i have never used, and it sounded like it smelled great and she was very satisfied with the result. so off i went to the local store and grabbed several bars myself. i even bought the mild baby soap for bea's diapers. i haven't washed a load with it yet, though i did whip up a batch today. already i prefer the dr. bronner's. it is a softer soap than the fels naptha and was grated much easier and finer. and the smell was so much cleaner and fresher. and i am only using one bar of soap per batch. i'd say that it almost makes me look forward to laundry day, but since that is essentially everyday i won't go there.

but i will say that i still prefer making our detergent and am glad that so many of you out there were interested enough to give it a go yourselves! if you find any concerns or improvements to be made i'd love for you to share them!


  1. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "I need to read her post again." So I'm clicking back & I'm heading to the store. I love Dr. Bronner's so that the route I'm going. We dilute the liquid Almond version & a friend asked if we use Sugar Cookie soap.


  2. Not sure how I ended up here but thank you for the laundry recipe and revision. I'm excited to give it a go. Very lovely images.

  3. Dr. Bonners stuff is so great... They have a multi-use type liquid stuff in peppermint. I put some diluted with water to use in the shower. You have never felt so clean. Don't get it in your eyes though, it really stings you to death. But no soapy residue feeling and it smells so alive and really wakes you up!


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