Henry has been very into Spider-man lately. We have the first two movies and though he's not picky, they get requested quite a bit if we watch a movie. The more I see of them, the less I like them. Let me rephrase that. They are really terrible movies. I cringe at the thought of watching them again. I'm also discovering that I am not a big Tobey Macguire fan (except in Wonderboys, I love that movie), or maybe it's just the Spider-man role. Anyway, I digress.

Since the introduction to Spidey, Henry likes to pretend he is climbing the walls and shooting webs. The other day I turned from the kitchen sink to find him walking on his hands and feet with his shirt pulled up to under his eyes. I asked him if was a bug (this was the bug walk), he said "no, miy-man(spiderman)". Okay, then. He drives cars up the wall and says miy-man. Spiders are referred to as Spiderman now.
Now, not that this needs explaining, but this boy's Papa is into comics. It was his major in college (well, actually Sequential Art, but saying comics is the best way to describe it). So, needless to say, this is all being encouraged.

So we were playing in the driveway the other day and Matt brings out a 'mask' for Henry. Henry doesn't quite get it (I think we need to dye the mask red). So what does Papa do? He shows Henry it's a Spider-man mask. Then he really gets into it. I'm talking sound effects while web shooting and everything. Oh, I love this Papa. I hope our neighbors were watching.

To be fair, I told him those pictures would probably wind up on the internet. There was no argument, so here they are.


  1. I see those moves in my sleep! Gus will stop mid-run & scream "Spiderman!" Fingers go into the position & web sounds come out of the mouth. The other day we were at Chiptole & he put 2 chips up to his eyes & declared that he was Spiderman. Later SK told me that he was sad because those eyes didn't look like his favorite Spidey artist's eyes. Yep. I'm going to be surrounded by geeks.

  2. oh my goodness. when aidan was two he developed a major affinity for spidey, which was not a surprise considering his daddy was a fan (even had a spiderman credit card when we met - and i still married him). grandma bought aidan a costume and i swear it didn't come off for months. i started dressing aidan in turtlenecks to cover it up when we left the house. now he thinks ben ten is "wicked cool", and spidey is just ok. but it took years.

  3. Lola - We're pretty geeky around here too. All of us.

    Molly - I married one too!

    I don't think they ever outgrow it. sometimes thats a good thing.


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