little drummer boy

The past few days, the boy has loved telling people he's 2. We had his Mimi, aunt Amanda, and cousin Amaya over for a birthday dinner Friday, so he's been in 'party' mode ever since. Amaya had her birthday party Saturday morning (Amaya turns 5 today -HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). Sunday we saved the 'big' gift for Henry's real day of celebration. Let's just say it was well received.
It has been non-stop jammin' around this house. I swear he would sleep with the drumsticks if I let him. He mastered the kick pedal yesterday, now he's working on coordinating the use of arms and legs to produce sound. If it's not working for him he'll just squat and use the drum sticks on the bass drum(? - i know nothing of drums, so that's a guess as to which drum that actually is). We have had these drums stored up in the attic for well over a year now waiting for the right time to give them to the boy (we got them for such a deal, but he was so little). I have to say I think our timing was right on.

The rest of his day was spent by all of us lounging in our pj's until about 2:00 in the afternoon. I took a nap while the boys played with Henry's new toys and watched some the Olympics. It was a nice, relaxing day. Just what we all needed. Later, H. and I took Matt to the airport. He had to go out of town for some work this week. So far I am hanging in there okay. By the end of the week . . . who knows. Before he left, Matt got all the baby clothes from the attic. I'm a little excited about pulling out all those teeny little clothes and remembering H. wearing them. I'm also excited about finding the things we didn't use much and putting them in a pile of things to go (as in, leave this house).

With Matt gone for the week, my friend Pamela offered to take Henry for an afternoon and evening. I had some reservations about this. Not because of Pamela. Not. At. All. I just don't know how well I will cope having both of my guys gone at one time. That's never happened before. On the other hand, I keep thinking to myself that it is going to be a loooooonnng time before I get that many hours to myself again and I should take complete advantage of this opportunity. So, Henry is off to his first sleep over this afternoon. I know he will have so much fun. He loves Pamela and her two boys, Alex and Greyson.

Pamela, thank you. I am truly grateful for this, even though I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm gonna miss my (big) boy.


  1. happy birthday, little man! you have some really cool folks. they not only got you a drum kit, but let you play it in the house and let you stay with cool people overnight. keep on rocking.

    sidenote to folks....ahem. you do know that in a month or less you will be regretting this gift that will then be known as "the baby-waker." or as the "outside toy." :)

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  3. outside toy. just the visual makes me laugh.

    in a month or less though the drums will be in the same room as the computer. the room with the child - proofed doorknob :)

    permission to play will need to be granted. then we won't be so cool.


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