Yes. Really. A finished object. Yes. I do knit on occasion (hence, gonzomama knits). I just do not knit as fast as I would like to.
Be warned though. I had to take pictures in a hurry, so I took many, which means I will post many because I am a horrible editor. Also, it is not totally finished because it needs to be blocked. You will note I have chosen to hide the areas I deemed unfit to show.

This is the Sorry My Child Broke (ate?) Your Handmade By You Paper Lampshade Scarf. The shorter title would be the Noro Striped Scarf, inspired by b r o o k l y n t w e e d and many others over at Ravelry.

I used three colorways throughout the scarf. I used two skeins of Noro Silk Garden 245 which is striped the entire length of the scarf, and one skein each of Noro Silk Garden 279 and 221 (4 skeins total) using a size 7 needle. I basically followed b r o o k l y n t w e e d 's recipe and cast on 39 stitches in a 1x1 ribbing (therefore no curling). Then I took his cue and manually striped the yarn alternating skeins every two rows. I also did the slipped stitch edge (purlwise) at the end of every second row, which I highly recommend as it adds such a nice finish to the edging. I had never before done a slipped stitch edge and that's why I need to block the scarf. The first quarter of the scarf has a slight curve on the side the yarn was carried up because I was pulling the yarn a bit too tight. Once I realized this though, the problem was easily solved by loosening up a tad. My hope is that blocking the scarf will even that out.

I knit until I ran out of yarn (although I did cut out a bright fuschia colored section of yarn on one skein). This was a simple project with a gorgeous end result. This will not be the last one of these I knit for sure. Especially because I'm not keeping this one (neither is Matt - we tend to share scarves). This one is being gifted to my very deserving cousin Jordan. It's more of a payback than a gift though.

Last Thanksgiving we were back in Illinois and Jordan generously gave up his room for the Lewis clan. One afternoon Henry was napping in there and when he awoke we found him in his pack n play surrounded by shredded paper from the shade of this lamp. Which Jordan made. By hand. Ergo, the long ass name of the scarf. Jordan was so gracious and understanding, so I figured the least I could do is make him something in return. Now if he really wants to even things out, he can let any children he decides to have in the future wash this scarf in some nice hot water :)


  1. love the scarf and the story! such beautiful yarn.

  2. thank you! I cannot say enough good things about the yarn. it's a bit earthy (literally), but I like that and the colors are just beautiful.

  3. Love the scarf, but the story? Priceless! Can't wait until Henry says, "Alright, so I ripped up a lampshade . . . enough!" when he is say, 14. You know it will happen, even with a cute little bugger like yours.


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