get it together

well, i got some of my act together over the weekend. of course nothing gets done around here lately without loads of help from Matt. by the way, that is a total understatement. but, the house is semi-clean, bills are seemingly paid for the moment, and i got a shower and a shave in.
oh, and a wee bit of knitting squeezed in there also (i've been trying to finish this project for what seems like a looong time).
i hope i can share it with you soon. really, really soon.

we are anxiously heading into september gearing up for the new arrival. the differences & similarities between this pregnancy and Henry's has amazed me. makes me a bit nervous for the delivery. Henry was easy from beginning to end. he still is most of the time. this babe has been physically more straining, but i take into consideration that i am chasing a little boy all over this go round. we did so much preparing for Henry too, and this time we are much more laid back. no room to ready (they will share a room eventually), no new blankets or clothes necessary (at least for now), no toys needed (thank goodness). no, this time we are just sitting back and waiting. waiting to meet this little person. waiting to introduce siblings. waiting to start another leg of this journey. waiting to fall in love again.

october 1, you will not be here soon enough. but we are trying to be patient.

6 weeks to go, originally uploaded by gonzomama.

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