a boy in the making

a boy in the making, originally uploaded by gonzomama.

Happy Birthday, my little man! I can't believe you are already two. Time flies when you are having fun they say. No doubt, because these two years whizzed by me.

Henry, my boy, you bring so much to the lives of those that know and love you. I've never met a goofier boy (although you have many tricked into thinking you are serious, but I know better). You make your papa and I laugh everyday, and touch us with your sweet tenderness. We love watching you grow and experience every new thing with such excitement and wonderment. It is because of our love for you and the love we feel from you that we took the leap of faith to start this journey anew.

We hope you enjoy your day, but you have been our greatest gift. We love you.


  1. When ever I see the classic little pink/blue skull caps, I start to smile. Happy birthday!

  2. Thanks! It's been a successful and eventful birthday weekend!


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