Still Life: Day Two

My favorite room in our house is Henry's room. This is the first room in our home to have been completely redone by us (and by us I mean Matt). So much love and thought went into the planning of this room. It is the smallest room, but the brightest and happiest room. Before Henry's arrival, Matt asked me if I ever just came and sat in the room with door shut and pretended it was a different house. He asked me this because it is so unlike the other rooms and it reminds us both of some of the older houses we lived in and loved (and hated) when we were in Savannah. These pictures are not the details of the room but just things that help make it distinctly Henry's room. Lots of great music is played to and danced to in this room. Lulu the sheep is rocked on almost nightly right before bed. The bird is part of a toy Henry has enjoyed for over a year now and I imagine will enjoy for a few more years. While Henry's room is very simple, it is his space and it is one all of us love.

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