Growing Boy

This was the week we took the leap.
We converted Henry's crib to a toddler bed and it has been interesting. The first night he kept getting up and knocking on his door. Then he turned the radio up really loud which made him knock on the door even louder. At one point we opened the door and and all we could see was his feet leaping from the floor to his bed as he hurried to lie down before we got in. If anything it has been amusing. So far.
He is doing good though. Once he's in for the night (or nap) he's in. I really am loving that he can come to us in the mornings even though today I was awakened with a gentle poke in the eye. Hearing his little feet hurry to our bedside every morning is pure joy.


  1. My only saving grace with the girls was that Dave was managing a new hotel when the girls made the transition to a big bed and we were living in the hotel for three months. They each had a full-size bed so it was a) an adventure and b) impossible to fall out of.

  2. I love that picture, those stripes! Hurray for Henry!


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