Are you ready for some baseball?

I consider myself lucky to be married to a man who is not a sports fanatic. I generally don't know when a sport season begins or ends. We do not watch a lot of sports in this house. The sports we both played are actually a little dull to watch. He was a runner and I played volleyball (which unless you play or played is not all that fun to watch). However, we both get into baseball. Actually, me a little more than him or at least I am more vocal when I am watching a game. Our boy is getting interested in it also. By interested I mean that he can say baseball and pretends to throw a ball as he says it. He is interested in balls of all types (what boy isn't?). On our way to the airport one day I pointed out Turner Field and said baseball, on the return trip he did the same. My little genius. I am itching to take him to his first major league game. Oh, I can't wait. And we're going to have to go soon because in the near future it will be unbearably hot and I will be too fat to tolerate it.

So I had this brilliant idea that we should go to the neighborhood park and watch a game with Henry. A practice run. Makes sense right? The weather has been perfect (though we could use some rain) so we took a picnic dinner to the park, played on the playground for a while and lo and behold there was a girls' softball tournament going on! We packed up our stuff and started to walk over to the fields and they were charging people to get in. We said 'no thanks, we were just going to show him a game'. The nice ladies told us to go on in, no charge. Thank you! So we hoofed it over to the nearest diamond. It wasn't really that far, but I had just eaten and when I am full I look much more preggers than I actually am.

At first Henry was in awe. He had seen baseball on television, but to see it in person and it was kids playing! Wow! He watched for about 5 minutes and at that point figured he wanted to give it a go. That boy wanted on that field so bad he was trying to climb the fence. It took a while to explain that he couldn't go out there with the big kids, poor guy. He did enjoy clapping and watching all of the other parents hoot and holler though. And boy, do they hoot and holler. They were hardcore.

We ended up staying for about 15 minutes, but a good time was had. I think this weekend we'll take him to the park and let him run the bases all he wants.

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