Still Life: Day Four

Well, the belly is coming. Slowly. Somehow I forgot that you really don't just wake up with a cute little baby belly. No. You first have to go through that awkward stage of not really fitting into your clothes comfortably, yet not being really big enough for maternity clothes to fit comfortably (or well) either. Today my pants have those adjustablethingies on the inside. So the fabric is all scrunched up over my rear, which needs no help in the bulk department. And I am still pulling my pants up constantly. I'm ready to put my pj's on, let me tell you.

Last night we could feel the little Peanut sitting very low in my belly. Literally, just this hard tiny bump on my lower left side. I was amazed. It seems early to feel the baby. The Peanut wasn't moving, just cozyin' up I guess. Henry was a rock star in there. I wonder if this one will be as mobile.

As I said, the Big Bad Baby blanket is coming along. I am really enjoying this project. It is my second one and it is just a nice relaxing, simple knit. Just what I need right now. Since I started this early I also feel no pressure. Poor Henry had just turned one when he finally received his blanket. It is loved though and that is all that matters.

The Peanuts:

The Beans:

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