not bad for a monday

today was one of those days where when i woke up i felt as if i had only slept for 3 hours instead of almost 7. and that was with bea giving me the treat of sleeping in an extra hour. lying in bed with her, then the boy comes in. it is still very dark out. matt is dressed for work. he comes in to tell us goodbye. henry beguiles him into lying with us for 5 more minutes (in the sweetest of ways). the window is open. it is raining hard and i can hear the leaves rustling in the trees.

matt reluctantly leaves for work. { i really dislike mondays for this reason }. henry snuggles in under the covers. i lie awake nursing bea hoping they might fall back asleep. henry speaks, "sun up?". i tell him soon. he reaches out and gently rests a hand on bea's head. we lay there quietly for some time. i am thinking how cozy and peaceful this is and what a gift it is to be able to wake up slowly and unhurried. enjoying the cool breeze coming in through the open window. listening and being lulled by the sound of the downpour and and the swaying of the trees.

coffee had already been made. another treat to wake up to. henry requests a frozen waffle. its his new breakfast. i sit at the table and sip coffee and start a little project to do with the boy. we work on it for a few minutes and then set it aside. we don't pick it up again until dinner is almost on the table.

morning goes on as usual. music, playing, interfering, laundry. my mom stops by on her way home from a doctor's appointment. henry wants to play star wars with her and barely gives her a moment to sit and visit. bea just goes about her business. mom entertains them in henry's room while i make lunch. ahh, naptime.

today was . . .

i leave the house as is. normally i would clean, fold laundry, pay bills, get sucked into any number of things on the web. instead i make tea, find a movie on netflix, then relax and pick up my needles. soon i am really cold. i shut the windows and wish it was truly cool enough for a fire. i grab a sweatshirt instead and am surprised that i need to long sleeves shirts. it is probably colder in the house than it is outside.

bea awakes and soon is busying herself in the play kitchen. i continue knitting. henry awakes and soon is busying himself with many things. i continue knitting. then things get risky and i put the knitting down. bea is dazzling herself with her climbing abilities today. she even says "ta-da" after a great accomplishment. i am going back and forth as to when i should intervene. telling myself i need to let her do this. that she may fall but that is okay if she doesn't get hurt too badly. she makes me extremely nervous. a week ago during an enthusiastic dance next to the coffee table she put a tooth all the way through her lip. soon henry has her laughing uncontrollably and he is doing the same. i notice the time and realize my day has zipped by and feel this is kind of a bewitching hour. the littles are rested and content today and soon matt will be home, the steady gray and rain has made this the perfect day for settling down and all feels really really right.


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely. Such a multitude of small beauties here.

  2. Oh, a good good day. Yikes about the tooth through the lip! Yowch.

  3. Such a beautiful post. I worked last night and only slept a few hours. Just poured some coffee and made a grilled cheese. Can you have grilled cheese for breakfast? Anyway... rain and gray here too. Makes me want to stay in my robe and knit : ))

  4. Oh so lovely--the post, the day, the life. How great that you can savor the day in this way.


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