discovering youtube

the other day we were poking around on youtube. henry was watching this choir for a while (which i found here the other day.)
i leave the room and come back and he is watching this

seriously. i have no idea how he got from ps22 to pomplamoose, but i loved his discovery. he liked it because she wears a batman shirt. i like it for their take on songs. quirky, fun, danceable. of course, it has been a bit odd hearing henry saying 'single ladies' and 'put your hands up' repeatedly. and bea sings the ohh ohh ohh part while bobbing her head.

our favorite though, has been this one. lots of dancing and hysterical laughing (you have to see bea's moves). not to mention its just a great song. just try to sit still.

they do covers of a great variety (and they have originals too), all of them totally enjoyable.
and boy am i relieved that was all he discovered on youtube . . .


  1. This is fun band.

  2. Okay. Here's what I want to do. Me and Henry and Bea (yours) are going to become a cover band of Pomplamoose. I'm going to work on the xylophone and would Henry be interested in the tambourine? And me and Bea will bust some moves... hey?! Yes?! Can you and Matt take over our management? Book the tour? Great. Thanks. :)

  3. Okay... so I totally have to comment... you didn't tell me there was a dancing granny!!! That just made it richer!!! So happy that Henry found them and thanks for sharing. Take care.

  4. Pomplamoose is my favorite French word. Who knew "grapefruit" could be so fun!


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