how to make a year fly by

i have figured out the secret for any who may want time to move at warp speed. just have another baby. that's what we did.
around this time last year we had a baby girl. next thing i know this little tow-headed babe (who really in my mind should only be 7 or 8 months old) has already had her first birthday!
how did this happen? where has the time gone? next thing i know she'll be shaving and painting her nails (don't even mention boys).
this. is. not. fair.
i protest.


what? too bad you say? well, foooey then.

miss beatrice harper enjoyed her day and celebrated with family in the evening. she requested (via henry) buckwheat pancakes and scrambled eggs for dinner. (good call my boy). in lieu of cake, mimi made pumpkin bars. delicious and difficult to eat just one, ahem, i mean two.

this girl is a character quite like her sidekick big brother. she loves hats and masks. she can't stay still when she hears music. i predict she will be into heavy metal. i truly hope that because matt and i are completely lacking in the musical department (well, matt has a good voice) she doesn't get the raw end of that deal. she loves music. she loves trees, too. she likes to look up and smile at them. kind of like me. she's a climber with no fear. i have enough for her. yet she is very cautious when it comes to walking. still haven't figured that one out. she enjoys the sound of her own voice, especially in the evenings. she is shy and takes a while to warm up to new people. she doesn't like to go to sleep. she fights it every. single. time.
she likes to play in the dishwasher and she hands me the silverware one by one whether its time to unload or not. she is an excellent mimic. she tries to put on socks and shoes. she can take her shirt off by herself as evidenced the morning we went into her room to get her and she was topless. she gives great surprise kisses - that's about the only way you will get them, but they are so worth it. she likes hikes and long baths. she's so proud that she can stick her face in the water. her favorite word in 'nooooooo', though it is most often out of context (for now). she is sweet and squishy and small ( a wee 17 lbs ). and holy moly, somehow she is one!
1 ?!?!


  1. Happy birthday. What a wonderful birthday picture!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! Adorable birthday photo...

  3. indeed. i so understand all of this. with only 1 baby you savor every moment. because you can. time lulls along slowly you see every change. then comes along #2 close behind and the brakes are off and all you are doing is trying madly to keep up pace and before you know what happens? your babies are 5 and 3 (oh wait thats me) but yes it just keeps going ever so fast... hang on momma. savor all you can.

    sweetest of birthdays with your dear little girl.

  4. i keep pressing down on the top of my girls heads, but they just keep growing. you are right,so unfair.


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