the birthday gifts

the birthdays in this house start at the end of august and run till the middle of october. it's often a mad rush of crafting and making. this year, not so much though. ideas were made enough in advance to get them going and completed in time. (well, that and a sane mama deciding to forego one thing and save it for christmas.)

for henry, three seemed like the perfect age for a cape. i found a pattern for a cape, but it wasn't quite what i had in mind.
so, i threw caution to the wind and made my own pattern! i was really pleased with the result, though the craftsmanship needs
some improving. henry chose all the fabrics. believe me the green sparkly was not my idea and i was actually a little hesitant about it. then i figured why not? what's a super hero if not a little flashy? in the end, i LOVED henry's choices.
super H
super sparkly H

next came matt's birthday and i while i didn't do the crafting, his gifts were crafty. i framed one of henry's watercolors from last year and also framed bea's first painting. i can't wait to hang them together!

henry's painting
bea's first painting

and then, little bea's gift. bea got her very own weasley sweater. or as it is now called the beasley weasley sweater. the body of the sweater is knit from the yarn that would have been ursa and the "B" is knit from leftovers of henry's weasley sweater. i loved the combination of the three colors and that she had remnants of her brothers sweater in hers. i really adore this pattern but i wished i had remembered to lengthen the body of it. after i was done i recalled that henry's was a little short too. i think i could lengthen it by picking up and knitting a ribbed edge on the bottom, but right now it fits her just fine. if she has a growth spurt this winter i will need to make it longer. good thing she is a wee little thing!
beasley weasley sweater

overall the birthdays were complete and total successes! now onto christmas crafting . . .


  1. Okay.. can I just tell you how much I love that CAPE!! I still have cape envy from when I was 8 years old. ONE SUMMER DAY...my mom decided she would make my friend and I a gift. The girls got aprons. JOEY got a black "magic" cape (complete with red/gold star lining and lettering on the back that said Joey's Magic). I longed for the cape. What girl has a "superpowers" a p r o n?? He wore that thing FOREVER. sigh....

    PS- LOVE the sweater... : ))

  2. what WONDERFUL gifts- adorable, personal and meaningful. did i mention adorable? that cape is every kid's dream come true!

  3. Excellent work, mama! I love the framed paintings so much. Oh, but the Ursa!!! It's great in its new incarnation : ) And so... making anything for you??

  4. I thought about you the yesterday! I had this post saved & I was meaning to comment on the gifts. Then I heard the song, "The Cape". I think I see a few capes in my future. The cape is a fantastic idea, but after the song, the cape is necessary. I get emotional when I drive, what can I say.

  5. Anonymous10/29/2009

    found you through beegirl. i was pondering capes last week for my girls and i think you just made up my mind for me. better get started.

    and i want a weasley sweater, always have, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

  6. Love this! That "B" looks hard to do. Henry picked some lovely colors, I agree. What a sweet painting too.

    I know what you mean with too short sweaters. I have one that I am eyeballing here and wondering about adding to:)
    Have a good day!

  7. Anonymous12/27/2009

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