the going's on around here

lately the posts i have in my head (what? you can't see those?) have not been making it onto the screen. then i feel like they are backing up and my brain is getting clogged. okay, maybe not - but wouldn't that be a great excuse as to why i am so scattered?
you say the tag on my car is expired? i'm sorry that must the blog clog.


so, rather than feel like i have to travel back in time (for example: i've been meaning to share a post about the cape i made for henry's birthday - more than a month ago!!) and update you on everything i meant to post, i'll just make it easy and more bearable for all of us by starting back with the recent happenings. okay?

i've been working on a new knit, but am trying my best to hold off on sharing it just yet. i still need to block and seam, but it's a little thing for bea on her birthday. hard to believe she is almost one. this has been the quickest year of my life. any advice on how to make these things slow down? goodness.

christmas stockings are in the works still too. but haven't finished one yet. (can you guess what i'll be doing after i hit publish?)

i have set up an official sewing area too! this is quite a big deal to me. usually it would just take up space on our dining table and i would have to shuffle projects out of the way or stow the machine in a cabinet. not very conducive for getting projects started. of course now that i have a designated area where the machine can stay out and be seen i have those knitting things that have to get done. maybe i should do seasonal crafts. knitting half the year, sewing the other . . .
i can't seem to do both this time of year.

oh, and i forgot how old i was. seriously. and i was a little bit disappointed. i thought i was 32. i wasn't. my birthday was coming up and i was excited about turning 33. which i wasn't going to do. because i was 31! not that 32 isn't exciting. so far it has been. i can just look forward to 33 that much longer. right?

as a fantastic completely unexpected birthday surprise (from matt and his mom) i got a new lens for the ol' camera. i haven't been able to play with it too much yet, but so far i am l-o-v-i-n-g it!
one of my favorite flickrites, shades of mediocrity, led me to this lens. i love her work and noticed she used this lens quite a bit. so i poked around some of the flickr pools for this lens and really liked everything i was seeing. i kept going back to them debating whether i really wanted this as the next toy/tool for my camera. the more i read and saw, the more i did. i just though i'd be pining for it for much longer than i did. i am really, really looking forward to bonding with it. it feels like i have a brand new camera!

shot with the new lens (otherwise totally unrelated to the post)


  1. oh the search for the lens... I know it well - my husband is hunting down a particular piece and thinks he might have located it ... and is setting about a trade .... and it is his birthday too.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  2. thanks rw!!
    good luck and happy birthday to your husband!


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