spring break?

spring blur
i had meant to post something entirely different today, but i just didn't get the chance.
bea had an unexpected visit to the doctor to confirm what we suspected. croup. she's doing fine except for the barking cough in the evenings, poor girl.

on the up side we are taking a slightly impromptu vacation to florida.
when matt had his last trip to the bahamas, i mentioned i'd love to have a week off. so, my MIL suggested i head their way. she could watch the little ones and i could go stay at the condo. sequestered. and alone. i thought that sounded like a pretty good plan (except the sequestered and alone part. i opted to stay at the house with everyone. i'd miss my babes too much. BUT, i will take a rain check on that when they are older!). this is just the first week that worked for all of us.
matt has a lot of work to do for some up coming shows. he has one this month in south carolina and a big one towards the end of summer out in colorado. i figured this would be a win win for both of us. i can get a mini-break and he can get a lot of work done with the 3 of us out of his way. that's the plan anyway.

so, i'm signing off for about a week. hoping to get some knitting and some swimming done and that's about it. maybe get a little sandy too. and sleep. sleep would be nice.

see you again next week!


  1. can i come too????? please i promise to be very quiet and i'll even rub your feet if you like. yay for you. though yes i am green with envy. :)

    xo k

  2. sounds wonderful! have a great trip! :^D)

  3. Sleep and sand. Two of my favorites, but an umbrella drink makes it golden.
    Enjoy your break..

  4. Sounds simply lovely...especially when I have a full week of dance costume sewing ahead of me. Oh how I would love to have a condo all to myself!


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