the drama king

henry has been into re-enacting scenes from movies lately. primarily scenes from spy kids and indiana jones (take your pick).

the spy kids scene starts with henry 'carpet swimming' as i call it. he does the breaststroke across the room, then sits on his knees and removes his imaginary scuba goggles. next he digs in his pocket and unwraps his short-circuiting gum while saying "i don't trust wrappers", then chews it and spits it at you. you being the thumb thumb robot or whatever they are. then you must pretend to short circuit and fall to the floor. very amusing the first few times you witness this. now, well . . we just won't go there.

over the weekend it was the scene from indiana jones and the last crusade where river phoenix (playing a young indy) cuts his chin with a whip. henry goes around making whipping sounds and then puts his hand to his chin and says "ouch". i had to ask him to explain this to me the first time i saw this. now, for three days in a row he has marked his face with a red marker to symbolize his wound. (i think he looks more like the joker). i am so grateful for washable markers, by the way.

he has also taken to flying super-hero style. arms straight out in front of him, slightly hunched, and running full speed with sound effects. and the other day his batman figure was having a conversation with a pirate. the pirate told batman that his cape was "cool". oh boy.

i feel like i'm getting a glimpse of what matt must have been like as a boy : )

my actor


  1. just about dying laughing over that marker picture and the antics. these two would love each other. i have been housing a small lion/dinosaur/mr. incredible for the last week...

  2. henry, you are way more mature than us. we watch pixar's cars, curious george, and horton hears a who in our house. are we lame?

  3. what a fantastic imagination he has :^)

  4. Little boys are such fun.


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