more new neighbors

the trio
hungry hungry bird babies
now we have new neighbors on the other side of the house. we have really had to restrain ourselves from pestering these sweet things. with the owls we were at a forced distance. they were on the other side of our fence and well, they were up really high.
these little babes are just above my head on our front porch. for a couple days i peeked at them every 30-60 minutes. it started because mama was never at the nest anymore and i was worried (those baby birds looked so hungry). then i realized she was busting her bird butt getting these hungry babies food and nourishment. then i had all this sympathy for the mama bird. so busy and never having down time. her little ones always squawking for food. i can relate to that. keep it up mama bird!

in other avian news, our owls are gone. we haven't seen them in the nest for some time. matt says the crows were hounding the nest days ago, but even before then i hadn't seen the babe in a while. it's been at least a week. i am so sad about this. i thought they would be with us longer than they were, but read that the young fledge the nest around 45 days old. i guess it was time for that baby owl to leave its nest. they will be missed.


  1. your photos of the chicks are amazing.

    poor mama bird.

  2. wonderful capture.
    I felt such a sense of loss last year when our goldfinches fledged. bye to our babies, in a microcosm?

  3. exactly, amy. and i will miss this mama robin when they move on too!


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