for the love of home

for the love of home

henry often tells us that he loves his house. this make me so happy to hear. it is usually the closer after saying he loves mommy, daddy, bea, and fason (mason). we also have a nightly bedtime routine where we 'crack an egg' on his head (don't ask). one for each of us, including mason and often the house. he considers our home to be family and i suppose in some ways it is, seeing as so much of our life happens in it.

over the weekend we were rearranging some things in the house a bit. (still trying to merge an entire room into the rest of the house). our solution, for the time being, was to move the tv out of the living room and into our bedroom. that allowed us to get a desk and the computer out of said room.

during this move, henry was helping matt run the cable through the wall in our bedroom. when matt pulled the dresser from the wall he exposed one hole where the cable needed to run into the wall and above that, another hole where the cable would come out directly behind the tv (which sits up pretty high). at the sight of these holes in the wall henry became very concerned. he wanted to know why those holes were there "in my home" and told matt, "no hurt my home!". he wanted to know why there where holes in the walls of his house and was getting a little upset by it. of course, matt explained why they were there and then henry was okay.

i'm just glad he didn't witness the tree that had fallen on our house several years ago. i can't imagine the devastation if he had seen that huge hole in our roof!

***and on a completely unrelated note, please go check this out. so much fun!***


  1. so sweet!

    (and my boys love to have an egg cracked on their head! ;^)

    (do you know "going on a bear hunt"? they love that, too!)

  2. for some reason, your posts do not show up in my feed reader. damn google. so i'm catching up here and this post opened up a latent memory - we did a MAJOR remodel while i was pregnant with aidan (and for the first year of his life), and avery used to tell people who came over, "our house is broken." yes, it's true, avery grew up in a broken home.

    i absolutely adore the cracking of an egg on henry's head for each of his loved ones. one of these days you (or he) will read that and swoon with sweet memories.


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