in case you were wondering

a boy and his dreams
since he is missing his hat i will tell you that is indiana jones there running through our yard in his unders.
and yes that is his whip.
and yes we do have to remind him constantly to stay a safe distance from any living thing when he is wielding it.
and yes it does get taken away from him often if he gets out of hand.
and yes, he can whip it. its frightening really. but impressive at the same time.


  1. indy is always losing his hat! ;^)

  2. and it is just too warm here for a wool fedora!

  3. Oh, this takes me back a few years! Love it, especially the running around in his unders! I had one that had a hooded bath towel and he would run around the house in his unders and bath towel being the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz complete with witchy screeching.

  4. HOOO-ya! (someday we will meet in person and you will hear me say this. much more impressive out loud).

  5. i like indiana and his unders! he may get TOO good at that whip thing . may need to give bea her own now so she can practice up.


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